iCopy 1.6.3 released!

Here is a new version of iCopy, which includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • ADD: Added /quality command line parameter to adjust JPEG quality [bug 289]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem that may result in corrupt PDF [bug 298]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the acquisition area in command line mode [bug 284], [bug 302]
  • FIX: Handling of 0x80210008 WIA_ERROR_USER_INTERVENTION [bug 270]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with settings when computer name starts with a number [bug 253]
  • FIX: If folder output is given in command line mode, save directly without asking [bug 285]
  • FIX: Paper size changed when going to printer settings with some printers [bug 277]
  • CHANGED: Default resolution brought to 300 DPI, and default settings are now tweakable [bug 278]

To update your version, go to the download page.

Thank you for using iCopy!

iCopy 1.6.2 released!

After more than a year, here is another maintenance release of iCopy! This updated version contains fixes and tweaks including:

  • FIX: Problem with PDF file structure [Bug #261]
  • FIX: Focus stealing problem with the dialog windows [Bug #266]
  • FIX: Fix exception in settings dialog [Bug #258]
  • FIX: Fix error while copying from command line [Bug #260]
  • FIX: It is now possible to output /multiplepages to /pdf with command line
  • FIX: Better handling of command line parameters
  • FIX: Updated font to Windows standard Segoe UI font

You can download the installer or the zip file in the Download page!