Hi, I’m Matteo Rossi, the creator of iCopy. I wrote the first version of iCopy as a tool for my home computer, and I decided that this program could be useful for other people too. I’m a young physicist and when I started coding iCopy, back in 2007, I was just an high school student. I’m not a professional software developer and my program is far from being perfect, so I decided to offer it for free and to release its code.

The development is supported by your generous donations and by the little revenue generated by the advertisements on this website. The money raised is very useful to me, and I try to make good use of it. For example, with your kind donations I could buy an Automatic Document Feeder scanner to test and implement this feature on iCopy.

So, if you like iCopy, please consider making a donation. Your contribution will help me make this little utility more and more useful!

Thank you for your help!!!

Last modified: October 20, 2014