How can I help iCopy developement?

iCopy is a free software. The development is supported by your generous donations and by the revenue generated by the advertisements on this website. If you find iCopy a good/useful program, you can give your help too.

There are many ways:

  • You can report any bug or problem you find using iCopy, or suggest a new feature, an improvement or express your opinion about any existing feature.
  • You can help translating iCopy into your own language and send me your translation, which I’ll publish on iCopy download page.
  • You can spread iCopy over the internet: on Facebook or Twitter, your favourite forum, software site, bookmarking site and so on.
  • You can surf this website and look at the advertisements.
  • Or you can donate a small account of money using Sourceforge.net donation system (which uses PayPal accounting system) or the donate button on this website.

How can I report a problem with iCopy?

Please log in to Sourceforge.net, or create a new account. Now you can use OpenID, Google or other accounts to log in to Sourceforge. Please understand that this is necessary for me to avoid spam and contact you if I need further information. You can file a bug report here, after clicking on Add new on top of the page. Please explain your problem and report your Windows and iCopy versions and the scanner name. If an error message is shown, please copy its content to the report form. Also, attach the log file that iCopy saves either in the executable folder or, more likely, in
C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Local\iCopy\

(Windows Vista, 7) or

C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\Application Data\iCopy

(Windows XP)

Is my scanner compatible with iCopy?

iCopy is based on Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) API, which is a standard interface for image acquisition introduced in Windows 2000. Therefore, it  supports all WIA compatible scanners. Recent scanners are surely compatible. Older scanners may have some problems being recognized by iCopy. A list of known compatible scanners is available here. If your scanner is not on this list, I suggest that you try iCopy. If the scanner is not listed, or iCopy says that no scanner is connected, then your scanner is not compatible with iCopy. You may want to check that your scanner software is up-to-date by visiting its support page on the manufacturer website.

If you think that your scanner is WIA compatible but it isn’t recognized by iCopy, please reoprt it to the bug tracker and attach a log file.

iCopy crashes at startup, error 0xc0000135, or other startup errors

This is probably related to one of these situations:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is not installed on your system, or its installation got corrupted. Please download and install it, or try to repair the installation.
  • You are running the executable from a network path, or inside an archive. iCopy must be executed from a local folder.
  • A required component is not registered in your system. iCopy needs Windows Image Acquisition Library to be registered in your system. It should be able to fix the problem automatically, but if it can’t, you can proceed manually. Please do the following:
  1. Copy the file wiaaut.dll in iCopy folder to C:\WINDOWS\system32 (if not already present)
  2. Run a Command Prompt with administrator privileges
  3. Type cd C:\WINDOWS\system32 and press Enter
  4. Type regsvr32 wiaaut.dll and press Enter
If the problem isn’t solved, please report this as a bug.

Why I can’t find iCopy window on the screen?

Sometimes it happens that a program window goes off screen. There is a trick you can try to restore it. Please follow the instructions on this website.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, please try to delete the icopy.settings file located either in iCopy folder or in C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Local\iCopy and then start iCopy again.

Which command line parameters can I use?

The readme.txt file contains information  and examples about the available command line parameters.

I get a B/W page when using the color mode

This problem has been fixed in version 1.48. Open the Settings dialog and choose the correct bit depth for your scanner. Usually this is 24 bits. Then restart iCopy.

Last modified: October 20, 2014