iCopy 1.5 beta

Dear users, I’m working on the new version of iCopy and made a lot of changes under the hood, so I decided to upload a beta version to have some feedback by you. I need your help in testing the new features, which include

  • A first attempt with ADF acquisiton (at last!!!)
  • Deep changes in the way iCopy handles the scanner (should fix many errors that were reported)
  • Better and more flexible command line parameters (read the README.txt file for information, or type “icopy.exe /?” in a command prompt)
  • New version check (simply reads a string on the website, no personal information is sent anywhere)

iCopy 1.5 beta is now available for download here:

iCopy 1.50 beta

I ask all of you who own an ADF scanner to test the Scan with ADF feature (you find it in the Other Scan Modes or you can use the parameter  “/adf” ) and report if it worked in the bug tracker. Please upload the log file created by iCopy either in its executable folder or in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\iCopy.

Please notice that this is not a stable version. It might not work properly with the Sidebar Widget or the scanner button.

Thank you very much for your help!