iCopy 1.5 Release Candidate

This is the last developement version of iCopy 1.5, and, if no further corrections are required, it will be the final release. This version should be stable for everyone even with ADF. I’m still calling it Release Candidate because I made a few changes in order to reduce memory consumption with ADF acquisition and I want to make sure everything works good.

Anybody having trouble with 1.5 RC is encouraged to report it using Sourceforge.net Tracker or the Help Forums. I wish to thank all the users that made the development of this version easier with their reports and suggestions. Here’s the download link:

Download iCopy 1.5 RC



  • FIX: Improvements in ADF support.
  • FIX: Less memory consumption. Images are saved to temporary files, which are deleted as long as they are not needed.
  • FIX: JPEG quality now works as expected.
  • ADD: /silent parameter to suppress message boxes.
  • FIX: Shrinked executable file.
  • FIX: Sometimes, the main window doesn’t get focus at startup
  • FIX: Other fixes.