iCopy 1.6 beta1 – With built-in PDF Export!

Dear users, since many of you told me that iCopy is very useful for creating PDF documents from the scanner using many of the free PDF printer programs available on the net, I decided to develop a built-in PDF export feature to simplify the creation of PDF documents with iCopy. This way, iCopy will be able to save to PDF without the need for an external program.

Since this is a huge improvement of iCopy and has been a challenging exercise for me (I’m just an amateur programmer), I need you to test this new feature and report your problems/thoughts about it.

As you will notice, the main window interface has been changed a little: you will find three checkable buttons below the big copy button. Their use should be straightforward. The first on the left will enable the “Acquire multiple pages” mode: iCopy will keep asking for pages to scan until you decide to print the acquired pages. The other two will control the output of the acquisition. When none is selected, the document will go to the printer. The one in the middle will tell iCopy to save to file, the one on the right, rather self-explanatory, is the new Export to PDF feature.

In the Image Settings palette, a new option “Center image” is available. If checked, it will of course tell iCopy to center the image on the page.

iCopy 1.6 beta1 is available for download on Sourceforge:


Please report bugs or suggestion using the bug tracker.


Though I wrote almost all the PDF code,  I included some code from the iTextSharp for the flate compression. iTextSharp is released under the Affero GPL license. I would like to thank the developers for their great library.

URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/itextsharp