iCopy 1.46 released!!!

iCopy 1.46 adds the possibility to choose the quality of the output JPEG image when saving to file using jpg format.

A new slider has been added in the Image settings window to chose a level of quality between 1 and 10. 10 corresponds to the maximum quality and the maximum file size.

Download now!

This release includes also many bugfixes, see the changelog below


Please note: Only installer version supports registration to scanner button.


  • ADD: JPEG Quality selection
  • FIX: iCopy.exe still running when closing the application
  • FIX: Improved startup performance in some cases
  • FIX: Exception when scanner is offline
  • FIX: InvalidOperationException when closing iCopy
  • FIX: Installer displaying in italian
  • FIX: Invalid resolutions when using a different scanner
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements