iCopy 1.47 beta

iCopy 1.47 fixes some age-old problems such as a Argument Exception when clicking on Copy for the second time, the IOException and WIA not registered messages at startup and some other bugs. Here is a list of the changes:

- ADD: New -diag command line parameter to diagnose scanner information
- FIX: COMException on scanner selection due to problems in scanner driver won't make iCopy crash
- FIX: FileIOException on startup due to bad registration of wiaaut.dll is properly handled
- FIX: Fixed ArgumentException when scanning second time
- FIX: iCopy now correctly registers WIA Automation Layer with Vista and 7's UAC
- FIX: Better JPEG compression performance
- FIX: Memory consumption after acquisition has been reduced
- FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements

Please give it a try and report any issue to the iCopy Bug Tracker:

iCopy 1.47 BETA installer
iCopy 1.47 BETA standalone