iCopy 1.47 released!

iCopy 1.47 brings a lot of fixes to exceptions reported by users (see changelog below) and should definitely solve the problem with WIA Automation Layer. Other code optimizations should reduce memory consumption and improve overall performance. As always, if you run into any problem, please report it to the new bug tracker here:

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Please provide a valid email address in order to be contacted efficiently. The email address will remain private and will only be used to contact you for further investigation or possible fixes on the problem.

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Here is the complete list of changes:

  • ADD: New -diag command line parameter to diagnose scanner information
  • FIX: COMException on scanner selection due to problems in scanner driver won’t make iCopy crash
  • FIX: FileIOException on startup due to bad registration of wiaaut.dll is properly handled
  • FIX: Fixed ArgumentException when scanning second time
  • FIX: iCopy now correctly registers WIA Automation Layer with Vista and 7’s UAC
  • FIX: Better JPEG compression performance
  • FIX: Memory consumption after acquisition has been reduced
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements