iCopy 2 (with TWAIN & ADF support) alpha testing

Dear iCopy users,

In the last few months I had to stop the development of the new iCopy because I was busy with the university (I do this in my free time), but since a few weeks I’ve got back to the development and finally produced something, so I’m here to ask your help to test this new piece of software.

The program by now has very limited functionality and an ugly user interface. You can scan and print a page (or multiple pages in the ADF), set some image options, select scanner and printer. The program saves the acquired images and a log file in the executable directory.

Please feel free to try the program with your scanner (either with or without ADF) and tell me what you think about its behavior. I suggest you to select a “fake” printer like PDF printers to avoid useless paper consumption.

If you run into any problem please send me the log file and explain what you were doing, both using my email or Sourceforge.net trackers or forum. Suggestions on new features are also very appreciated!

Please avoid commenting on this page, use Sourceforge trackers or contact me at


Download the latest alpha executable here:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/icopy/files/iCopy 2/Alpha 1/iCopy.exe/download

To use it, move it to an empty folder with write access for all users and launch the program.
Thank you all for your interest in this software!